Interview: How Best To Care For Your Patients When They Are Not Physically In Front Of You.

Check out the recent interview The Aesthetic Consultant®️ did with David Philisten, CEO of Candor for Authority Magazine. We talked about Telehealth Best Practices and I gave advice and guidance on how to get the best out of a remote aesthetic consultation whether it's via telephone or Zoom. It's so important to offer the same level of care whether the patient is in front of you or linked via a video screen, and you also need to understand what type of communicator your pa

Get Ready To Re-Open!

It seems likely that 12th April will be the day close contact personal services can re-open for business , and although it may seem a lifetime away, that date will creep up on you far sooner than you anticipate. So here's a handy check list to help you manage your time for efficiently. Revamp your treatment menu. Create new packages, pair up technologies and give your patients a reason to be excited. Take a look at your current patient journey. Can you improve it? (Clue: the


WHAT? There's a Lockdown Syndrome? ..... *waits for the panic to subside* O.K. so there isn't an official Lockdown Syndrome, but it's a name I give to what's happening to those aesthetic practitioners who have popped themselves on standby during this third lockdown, waiting until there's a roadmap out of it before they start making plans. Is there anything wrong with waiting? After all, none of us can accurately predict what will happen next. You may be furloughed or home

Headhunting By The Aesthetic Consultant®

Introducing a brand new service to The Aesthetic Consultant®. After years of building an exclusive network and having spent time matchmaking the right person for the right role, it's time to introduce this as an official service to clients. This is not a recruitment service, this is a head hunting service. There is no bank of CVs ready to send across to you, this is quality over quantity. However should you have a role that needs a special kind of person to fill it, a person

An Interview With Sean White Aesthetics

This week I went to visit client Sean White and his brand new Aesthetic Clinic in Herne Hill to take a look around and to ask him a few questions. Sean specialises in a natural aesthetic rejuvenation for face and body and offers Harley Street standards of facial rejuvenation to patients in South East London. It was important for Sean that any treatments he offers are the gold-standard in aesthetics and for that reason he invested in medical-grade, high-performing aesthetic

Why Asking For Testimonials Builds Your Business.

We all know that testimonials are important, but how often do you stop and ask your customers for one? Do you forget? Or perhaps hope that one day they will be so happy they spontaneously send one to you? A lot of aesthetic practitioners simply fail to ask their patients for testimonials and mostly this is down to forgetfulness. If you've never made it a priority to ask, you'll never remember to ask. Perhaps you don't feel comfortable asking someone for praise? Maybe you do

'The Virtual Clinic"

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Introducing a BRAND NEW service by The Aesthetic Consultant that will drive sales and generate more business during quieter times.

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Is Your Event A Non-Starter?

Is fizz and food really enough to make your event flourish? Or will the Champagne go flat & the canapés curl because no-one turned up?

So You Wanna Be A Rockstar?

So you want to be a big name in Aesthetics? How to be an Aesthetics Rockstar in 5 quick steps.