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So You Wanna Be A Rockstar?

So you want to be known as a big name in Aesthetics? You've been doing this for a while, you know your stuff, you have your own clinic and everyone says you're the Go-To person, so being an Industry Name should be the next logical step, right? Wrong! It takes more than skill and experience to elevate you to Rockstar Status. Below are a few key points that should help you on your way to your own Aesthetic Stadium Tour.

1. Be Specific.

There are so many areas of Aesthetic Medicine so to try and be known as an expert in all of them is just foolish. By all means, be very good at what you do and do many things well in clinic, but when it comes to becoming someone who is called upon for their opinion, be specific! Focus in on one or two key areas and develop those.

2. Identify Your Passion.

How do you find your niche? Well stop and think about what interests you the most. What fires you up? What do you enjoy doing the most? Injectables? Surgical work? Non-surgical? Face? Body? Get educated. Focus on this passion and you can now mould yourself to become a Key Person of Influence (aka Rockstar).

3. Develop your Niche.

Sign up for courses relating to your passion. Meet like-minded people and network with them as you can always pick up new tips and ideas from peers. Stay ahead of the rest by researching what else is out there in your area of passion and try it before anyone else does. Now you can be a trailblazer as well as a Rockstar.

4. Network!

Develop a network of contacts in the industry who share the same values and areas of interest. Work on your relationships with suppliers, as these are the people who will end up putting you forward for KOL roles. Look at networking with journalists. Make networking genuine. Always have something to offer as nobody wants to network with someone who takes all the time. Build professional friendships. Introduce likeminded people. People like to do business with people they know and trust and you'll be referred to companies looking for Key Opinion Leaders, or journalists looking for a soundbite. That's how you raise your profile.

5. Stay Humble.

I hate that word 'humble' as half the time people who use it (especially #humble) are far from it, but you know what I mean in this context. Once your star is on the rise it's all too easy for the ego to take over. You stop mixing with peers because you're either too busy or you start to think they can't offer you anything. You start making demands, or expecting certain gigs. It doesn't work like that. The biggest names in Aesthetics never take anything for granted and are always appreciative to anyone, at any level. Alway be ready to give back. Help others if you can. Be the kind of rockstar who signs autographs and poses for selfies, not the rockstar who trashes hotel rooms in a range because nobody took the blue M&Ms out of the bag. Good luck!

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