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Press Coverage: Projects
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Utilising Public Speaking for Career Progression

Aesthetics Journal, April 2024

Business Consultant Vanessa Bird  discusses the career benefits of public speaking.

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Unlocking your Professional Potential

Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, April 2024

Vanessa discusses the art of public speaking to unlock your  professional potential.


In Conversation with Vanessa Bird

JANcast podcast, September 2023

In this episode of JANcast, we invite our regular practice management writer, Vanessa Bird, to talk about her life trajectory as an aesthetic consultant and her insights into the aesthetic business.

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Tackle the Summer Slowdown with pre- and post-holiday packages

Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, July/August 2023

Tackle the traditional summer slump with tailor-made packages.


Selling Gender

 Consulting Room Q2 2023

Communicate Effectively and navigate professionally when working with patients of all genders.

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Selecting Your Next Device

Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, June 2023

Selecting devices for your clinic can be a highly stressful process. Aesthetic consultant Vanessa Bird sheds light on aspects to consider when making these important technical purchases for your clinic

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Selling ethically in clinic. E-Poster

AMWC Monaco, 2023

E-Poster published at AMWC Monaco to assist with ethical selling skills. Downloadable via the official AMWC app.

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Getting the most out of attending Aesthetic Conferences

Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, March 2023

Effective tips and guidance on how to get the most out of attending an aesthetic conference to maximise professional and personal growth.

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Is it time for a Refresh?

Aesthetic Medicine Magazine, March 2023

The Aesthetic Consultant®️ founder Vanessa Bird looks at the importance of regularly assessing your branding and updating it to reflect your offering.

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Incentivising Your Team to Sell

Aesthetics Journal, March 2023

Business Consultant and Aesthetic Medicine expert Vanessa Bird discusses how and why you should incentivise your team to sell ethically.

selling in a financial downturn.png

Selling in a Financial Downturn

Aesthetics Journal. November 2022

How to improve your selling skills and strategies to help drive sales

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Who me? Surviving imposter syndrome.

Aesthetic Medicine Magazine,  October 2022.

The Aesthetic Consultant explaine why some aesthetic professionals suffer Imposter Syndrome, what it is and how to overcome it.

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The Full Package.

Consulting Room Magazine October 2022.

Creating Treatment Packages for Perimenopausal Patients. This article discusses the needs of perimenopausal women and how to create packages in clinic that support these needs.

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Developing a USP

Aesthetics Journal, July 2022.

This article covers how to develop a USP, the difference between a speciality and a USP and gives guidance on how to select yours.

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The Insider on Industry Reputation.

Aesthetic Medicine Magazine, May 2022

A two-page article in the Business section of Aesthetic Medicine Magazine on the importance of Industry Reputation and how it can 'make or break' you.


Understanding Consultative Selling.

Aesthetics Journal,  February 2022

Soft-sales techniques you can use in clinic to up-sell, cross-sell and increase average sales value per package.

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Authority Magazine

Female Founders Interview. December 2021

The Five things You Need To Thrive & Succeed As A Woman Founder. An interview with Candice Georgiadis. read the interview here 

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Choosing a Device for your Clinic

Aesthetics Journal, November 2021

This article uses insider industry experience gained by Vanessa to share tips, guidance and insights on how to choose the right device for your clinic and how to avoid making a terribly expensive mistake. You can read the article via the Aesthetics Journal website.

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Five Things You Need To Know To Succeed In The Modern Beauty Industry

Authority Magazine. September 2021

Read this article for 5 useful and effective tips to help you succeed in the modern beauty and aesthetics industry. 

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Working with Sales Representatives.

Aesthetics Journal,  August 2021

In this two page article in Aesthetics Journal I discuss the benefits of working with sales reps to enhance your business and maximise the integration of what you purchased. Follow this link to read the full article. 

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Wigmore News 

The VIP Patient Journey. June 2021

Published in the business section of Wigmore News,  a walk-through of the VIP Patient Journey in a typical clinic.  This article was transcribed from one of the popular business webinars.

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Interview with Authority Magazine

The Aesthetic Consultant®️  was interviewed By the CEO of Candor

"How best to care for your patients when they are not physically in front of you". Vanessa, Director of The Aesthetic Consultant®️  was interviewed for Authority Magazine on how to get the best for you and your patient during a video consultation. Read the full article here 


Live Radio Interview on LBC News

LBC News Tuesday 4th August 2020

LBC News interviews Vanessa of The Aesthetic Consultant® about the issues surrounding the restriction of close contact facial work in beauty and aesthetics.

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Wigmore News

Clinic Equipment Investment. July 2021

Covering the complicated topic of selecting capital equipment for your aesthetic clinic. Published in the July edition of Wigmore News


"5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Highly Successful Private Practice".

Published April 2021

Talking to Luke Kervin, Co-Founder of Patient Pop for Medium Magazine, Vanessa discussed how to create a successful private practice. The interview covered how practitioners can start out and get their own practice, ways to balance the aesthetic side with the business side and some hard truths about what's needed to succeed. Click here to read the full article. 


"How To Be Great At Sales..." published by

Published June 2021

The Aesthetic Consultant Vanessa shares some effective soft-sales tips when selling & up-selling to your patients. Read the full article here

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Thrive Global Feature

Published April 2021

"Create a bond with your patient". Vanessa, Director of The Aesthetic Consultant®️  speaks to Thrive Global about how to communicate effectively to maximise treatment uptake & generate patient loyalty & retention. Read the article here 


Consulting Room Magazine

January 2020

A two-page article by Vanessa Bird The Aesthetic Consultant®️  on the benefits of creating The Patient VIP Journey published in the January Edition of Consulting Room Magazine.

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Enterprise League Coverage

Published April 2021

Vanessa was quoted by Enterprise League Business Insights in their article "22 ways entrepreneurs pull through the ups and downs of business". Read the full article here


Wigmore Medical

October Newsletter

The Aesthetic Consultant® is 'The Love Doctor' & gives advice on partnering surgical & non-surgical practices together.

LBC News

LBC News

Live on Saturday 4th July 2020

With the announcement that aesthetic practitioners were classed as the same high-risk category as nightclubs & sex workers and would not be part of the next phase of reopening during Covid-19, I arranged for my client Dr Wassim Taktouk to speak live with presenter Chris Golds  on LBC News to discuss the Government legislation, the confusion in the industry and the need for clarification on medical aesthetics. 

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