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WHAT? There's a Lockdown Syndrome? ..... *waits for the panic to subside* O.K. so there isn't an official Lockdown Syndrome, but it's a name I give to what's happening to those aesthetic practitioners who have popped themselves on standby during this third lockdown, waiting until there's a roadmap out of it before they start making plans. Is there anything wrong with waiting? After all, none of us can accurately predict what will happen next.

You may be furloughed or home-schooling, but hat doesn't mean your aesthetic business needs to take a back seat. Waiting until the roadmap is published means you're delaying valuable time when you could be working behind the scenes on things that will help your business thrive now (yes, even now) and once lockdown is lifted.

For example, who re-open with the same tired treatment menu? Why not take a look at it and see what new combinations you can create that may tempt the patients to spend money with you? Are you considering investing in a new device? There are bargains to be found right now and a new device/treatment will really help the cash roll in and aid patient retention. Focusing now during lockdown allows you to spend enough time researching and reading up on technologies, speaking to others who have the device, checking online patient reviews before you even begin to start reaching out to reps and companies to discuss demos. Leave this until nearer the time you are due to reopen and not only will you find yourself too busy to do it properly, but you may find the best deals have gone. Why not watch a few webinars and expand your knowledge? Or reach out and arrange some online staff training for your team so you all improve your customer care and sales skills?

If you still think things can wait, look at it this way.... your competitor won't be waiting. They'll be putting in the groundwork now to hit the ground running the moment those doors open whilst you are playing catch up. If you would like some help working on one or more projects during lockdown, hit the CONTACT button and send me an email. The sooner we talk, the sooner I can help cure you of Lockdown Syndrome.


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