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Why Asking For Testimonials Builds Your Business.

We all know that testimonials are important, but how often do you stop and ask your customers for one? Do you forget? Or perhaps hope that one day they will be so happy they spontaneously send one to you?

A lot of aesthetic practitioners simply fail to ask their patients for testimonials and mostly this is down to forgetfulness. If you've never made it a priority to ask, you'll never remember to ask. Perhaps you don't feel comfortable asking someone for praise? Maybe you don't really know what to do with one? Why don't I re-word it for you? What if I call it a 'google review'? Do you see the importance now?

Reviews or testimonials are a way of selling your business and services to others. When someone starts researching a clinic or a treatment they look for reviews, whether it's on the actual treatment or technology used to carry out the treatment, or on the clinic and practitioner themselves. They want to know what someone who isn't connected to the business says. They want an honest opinion from someone they perceive to have no agenda and who isn't trying to sell them anything. So when you DO receive a glowing review or testimonial, it really helps convert an enquiry into a customer.

So make time to ask your patients for testimonials or reviews, whether it's by sending out an email request, or asking them at the end of their treatment and don't fear a less than positive testimonial either. Think of those as areas you need to address and improve upon in order to provide a better standard of treatment.

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