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Passion Breeds Success. How To Tell If Your Aesthetic Practitioner Is Passionate About What They Do.

Have you ever tried to get motivated to do something you're not that interested in? It's nigh on impossible isn't it? So why would you want to have a job where you don't feel that passion every single day? Having worked in medical aesthetics for over twelve years, I know how it feels to be passionate about what I do for a living, and every day I see or hear the passion in aesthetic medical practitioners who are successful at what they do.

However I have seen practitioners who don't have the passion. Sure, they enjoy the process and would prefer to work in aesthetics over emergency medicine, but they just don't give off the vibe that this is something that excites them every day. So how can you tell which practitioner is passionate and which one isn't? Look out for the following:

Passion IS:

  1. When they have a genuine excitement about products or treatments which comes across when talking to you about it.

  2. Having a signature treatment or treatments that they developed themselves and are known for.

  3. Being known in the industry as an expert in their field.

  4. Treating journalists. Journalists are notoriously selective as to who they have treat their face. They may try treatments at various places when writing articles or features but it's worth asking them who they keep returning to when there's no story needing to be done.

  5. Having celebrity clients who are A-Listers known for their beauty.

  6. Attending expos and congresses to further-develop their knowledge.

Lack of Passion IS:

  1. Being indifferent about the different products and technologies available, using what happens to be easiest or cheapest.

  2. Failing to attend expos or congresses as they seem them as a waste of time.

  3. Not showing an interest in patients.

  4. Not having a social presence or regular posts showcasing their own before and after photos.

  5. Not having signature treatments.

  6. Struggling to get referrals.

Who do you rate as passionate about aesthetics?


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