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Why do I need your services?

Aesthetics is a fast-moving industry, filled with exciting new treatments, technologies and training. Success is a wonderful thing but we understand that the top tier clinics and Aesthetic practitioners always push themselves further than everyone else and never rest on their laurels. They strive to be better, to grow their business, expand their opportunities and to become a recognisable name . The Aesthetic Consultant® is here to help you achieve your goals and lead the pack. Together we work to raise your profile, develop key areas and increase sales. This consultancy can also act as an insurance policy against costly mistakes.

What Package Options are available?

Package Options vary depending on your particular requirements. There is a choice of services available, but deciding what is needed is based after a telephone, video or face-to-face consultation so we can provide a bespoke solution for you. You are unique and you deserve a solution designed specifically for you, not a generic plan. Once we better understand what you want The Aesthetic Consultant® will put together a package for you based on meeting these needs and fitting in with your budget.

How do I know that The Aesthetic Consultant® is right for me?

You may already be successful. You may have a known industry profile, a thriving business and enjoy what you do. However if you strive to be the best of the best and are always looking at ways to make your clinic or aesthetics business even more successful, increasing patient satisfaction, retention, sales and revenue, then get in touch. After a consultation we will know whether we are the right fit and should work together.  The Aesthetic Consultant® uses over 15 years of industry experience and expertise  to ensure that  any advice, guidance and training provided  is exceptional.

What countries do you provide services for?

The Aesthetic Consultant®️  works remotely and has clients across the globe.  However should you wish, depending on the package you select, it is possible to provide in-person consultancy such as ethical sales training, customer service training, launch events, speaker,  and KOL development and more. For companies wishing to provide business support services, it is possible to fly out to your city and deliver expert presentations to your customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a one month trial?

All packages are built to suit the individual and there are no trials available.  The Aesthetic Consultant® has over 15 years of experience working with global device companies, leading medical practitioners  and award-winning clinics. Vanessa has built strong relationships with clients who value what she delivers.

Can you help me develop my Speaker Profile?

Absolutely. Everyone has their own natural style and The Aesthetic Consultant® will work with you to build your confidence, fine-tune your presenting style and help you create a compelling stage presence.  Public Speaking skills will help you communicate more effectively when you train other medical practitioners, help you engage with your audience at workshops or events and stand on stage with confidence at national and international congresses. We will then use our network to introduce you to potential Industry partnerships which can lead to more Speaker opportunities, Key Opinion Leader positions and Ambassador roles. This is available as a stand-alone service as well as part of a package.

What training do you provide?

We train staff on how to deliver the ultimate Front of House experience, teach your team  how to give patients the 'luxury VIP patient journey' and offer Public Speaker Training to those wanting to develop their presenting style and become a KOL .The Aesthetic Consultant® works with individuals and teams in person or via Zoom to develop a natural selling style at all main touch points of the patient journey as well as during a consultation so that staff and patients alike find the experience enjoyable. If you are looking for specific treatment or device training then The Aesthetic Consultant® can refer you to experts in their field.

Can I hire you to present at my event or workshop?

Yes. Vanessa Bird, The Aesthetic Consultant®️  speaks at global aesthetic conferences and also provides workshops and business presentations to suppliers and manufactures who want to add value to their customers.  All presentations are build to your specific needs.

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