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Get Ready To Re-Open!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

It seems likely that 12th April will be the day close contact personal services can re-open for business , and although it may seem a lifetime away, that date will creep up on you far sooner than you anticipate. So here's a handy check list to help you manage your time for efficiently.

  1. Revamp your treatment menu. Create new packages, pair up technologies and give your patients a reason to be excited.

  2. Take a look at your current patient journey. Can you improve it? (Clue: the answer is yes). Make any changes and implement them in your procedures.

  3. Schedule in weekly meetings with your team to discuss any concerns or questions they may have after having time off. Train them on new procedures and use this time to refresh their sales training.

  4. Consider changing your opening hours in the first couple of months to accommodate demand.

  5. Look at incentivising staff. Yes, staff 'do their job' anyway, but you get so much more enthusiasm if you give them targets and inventive them properly.

  6. Make contact with patients who's previous appointments were cancelled and book them in.

  7. Send out information on reopening along with any offers to all patients on your mailing list.

  8. Update your website to show re-opening information, any changes in opening times and contact details.

Of course this is a very basic list, however use this time between reading this post and reopening to plan for success. It's an exciting time and we all want to get back to normal. If you need any help or guidance on preparing to re-open please use the contact button to get in touch or email


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