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Bounce Back With The Aesthetic Consultant

It's been a rocky time for everyone, in particular the Aesthetic Medicine Industry due to an inability for practitioners to work from home and the Government Guidelines for medical clinics set to July 4th 2020. However now there is a tangible date to work towards, all clinics and practitioners are preparing to reopen their doors, and many more have taken advantage of the Government grants and loans available to create cash flow and allow investment in training, equipment and more to develop their business. You can have the most advanced equipment and the highest level of skills available yet if you cannot sell or work out how to promote and market yourself, it's all for nothing.

Now is the time to invest some of that grant or loan on expert business advice that will generate a measurable increase in revenue for your aesthetic practice and grow your business. It's time to hire The Aesthetic Consultant.

How can The Aesthetic Consultant help? You may be considering getting new capital equipment or skincare in clinic so you can offer more treatments to your patients? Did you know that The Aesthetic Consultant provides a complete Equipment Section Package? I source the very best, most effective and safest devices based on your requirements, contact the companies on your behalf then send across the relevant literature so you can do your due diligence and make a shortlist. I then liaise with the companies to arrange demos and to negotiate the absolute best package deal for you. Once you have made your decision I work with the companies to ensure you receive problem-free delivery and training that meets your deadlines. The result? You have a hassle-free experience, freeing up time for you to do other things whilst I do all the legwork. You will also receive the best possible package negotiated by me, saving you thousands off the usual package deal. What you pay for this service you save, many times over thanks to the advanced negotiating techniques of The Aesthetic Consultant.

You may need some expert advice and guidance over the next few months on all things relating to your career, your business and your profile? Why not take advantage of the monthly Retainer Package? This affordable pay as you go package gives you unlimited calls, Whatsapps and emails to The Aesthetic Consultant, allowing you to ask for advice, guidance and feedback on anything and everything you need help with. The Retainer Package is ideal when you need an objective, professional opinion, advice or direction and by utilising this service, you can save yourself from making very costly mistakes such as investing in the wrong bit of kit, choosing the wrong training course, using an ineffective PR company and so on.

Perhaps you want to develop your Industry profile and want to become a KOL? By choosing The KOL & Speaker Mentorship Package you can have either remote video coaching and/or face-to-face coaching on a one-to-one basis to allow your skills to be honed and your confidence to grow. Having presented on stage in the UK and in Europe as well as being host to a TV series on Sky, The Aesthetic Consultant knows what works and knows how best to develop your own individual style.

Why not take a look at the website and click on Signature Services to see the full list you can choose from. You don't have to only pick one package either. You may want some of one option mixed with other things and this is available as a Bespoke Package. Use the online form to enquire or send an email to Invest in the best!

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