About The Aesthetic Consultant.

Experienced, Professional & Knowledgeable.

For over twelve years Vanessa Bird, The Aesthetic Consultant® has been at the forefront of Medical Aesthetics, collaborating with the top names in the Industry, the best Aesthetic Practices and the most advanced Device Manufacturers.  Working with the most successful and well-known clients in the UK,  America and the UAE, Vanessa builds world-class luxury VIP patient experiences within clinics, dramatically increases sales revenue from treatment menus, maximises patient retention and introduces exceptional customer care. 

With a background in medical device sales and business development, Vanessa has an in-depth understanding of the different technologies available and the science behind them. Not only does she know what works and what doesn't, she has years of experience about how best to combine a range of devices and treatments for optimum results and a contact list of suppliers that is unrivalled. This is invaluable to clinics and practitioners looking to make a risk-free investment in capital equipment as well as those wanting to introduce new, more effective treatments by combining existing technologies.

Excelling at Event Planning, Vanessa generates sales from clinic open events & targeted sales promotions and understands how to maximise your professional brand to target the right patient demographic. Also experienced at Press and Influencer launches in the UK and Dubai, Vanessa increases positive brand exposure which further enhances their positioning and reputation in the Aesthetics market.

An experienced Public Speaker, Vanessa has presented at Aesthetic Conferences in the UK & Europe, designed and presented business webinars as well as being an accomplished TV Presenter & published writer. These skills are shared with her clients who specifically want to make a name for themselves among their peer group as presenters, Key Opinion Leaders, Keynote speakers and editorial contributors to Industry and Media publications and events.

As one of the most well-connected people in the Industry and a member of Wigmore Medical's Expert Business Panel,  Vanessa has developed a wide network of experienced contacts, including Medical Professionals, Journalists (TV, Radio & Print), PR Agencies, Brand Specialists, Website Creators,  Skincare Brands, Finance Companies & Device Manufacturers.  This powerful and exclusive network of experts work with Vanessa to enable her to raise client profiles by developing them as experts in their fields, known names,  Key Opinion Leaders & Brand Ambassadors. 

The Aesthetic Consultant® was founded by Vanessa with a single mission: to use this unique combination of skills, experience, knowledge & connections to help Individuals and Practices not only succeed, but thrive in this highly competitive, exclusive 'top tier' of Aesthetics. By understanding the specific challenges successful, high-profile Individuals, Companies and Aesthetic Practices face on a day-to-day basis, Vanessa uses her knowledge and expertise to deliver outstanding, measurable and sustainable results.

Are you ready to set yourself, your brand and your clinic on the path to success? Contact The Aesthetic Consultant® today & unlock your potential.