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Signature Services: Video

Signature Services

Create Your Bespoke Package

Understanding the workings of a successful Aesthetic Practice and the day-to-day issues facing Aesthetic Professionals takes years to master. Over thirteen years of working with high-end, luxury Aesthetic Practices and individuals has given The Aesthetic Consultant® a unique insight into this highly-competitive world.  Choose from a curated range of services and solutions aimed aesthetic professionals to help facilitate change, achieve your vision and optimise performance and productivity.  Scroll down to read more about each service available. Your package will be created based on your requirements & can be adjusted to meet your needs.


Equipment Selection

Develop Your Business By Investing In The Right Devices

Enhance Your Aesthetics Business with Smart Technology Choices

In the competitive aesthetics market, selecting the right technology, skincare, and treatments for your target audience is crucial for steady growth. Success goes beyond technology—it's about choosing a device provider that offers comprehensive support, marketing materials, and training. Our Capital Equipment Selection Package simplifies the process and maximises your investment.

After a consultation to understand your needs, demographics, and budget, we research and compile a list of suitable devices for consideration. We collaborate and work directly with suppliers to gather information, including digital brochures, technical specs, clinical papers, consumables costs, and marketing support, all while keeping your contact details confidential. We provide objective advice on each option, aligning them with your patient and operational requirements.  Once you've tried the systems and made your selection, we negotiate value-packed packages on your behalf. Packages may include discounts, extended warranties, training, marketing support, and more.

Savings vary depending on your level of investment, however clients have saved significantly on multiple systems by working with The Aesthetic Consultant®️,  (Client A saved  £95,000 on 4 systems and Client B saved £305,000 on 8 systems). Even if you only need one device, you'll receive  benefits and will receive a curated, hassle-free experience. 

Exclusive Deals: Our industry connections and experience grant access to deals unavailable directly to clinics.

Benefits include streamlined decision-making: The process is simplified and saves you time. Eliminate Risk: Avoid poor or unnecessary technology investments by working with The Aesthetic Consultant. Tailored Offerings: Ensure your offerings match your target demographic. Maximised ROI: Access preferential pricing and support. Enhanced Reputation: Deliver safe, effective treatments.

Don't miss out on sustained success in aesthetics. Choose our Capital Equipment Selection Package to make informed decisions, save money, and strengthen your clinic's reputation.


Treatment Menu Design

Create High Value Packages & Signature Treatments

Elevating your aesthetic business involves a strategic blend of cutting-edge technology, innovative treatments and the art of presenting them in a way that captures the imagination of your prospects and patients.  Offering treatments individually like a standard menu can be limiting. That’s why The Aesthetic Consultant Treatment Menu Design Package adopts a transformative approach that will set your clinic apart and significantly amplify your revenue streams. 

The Treatment Menu Design Package is your express lane to accelerating ROI, boosting patent enquiries and increasing average spend. It’s versatility empowers better patient retention and referrals, creating a solid foundation for growth. As you integrate new treatments and technologies, you can effortlessly expand your menu, offering continuous value and adaptability. As part of this comprehensive service you’ll receive a bespoke set of package names and descriptions, customised to reflect your brand identity.

This package is designed to create an enticing treatment portfolio that not only draws in patients but also serves as a powerful sales tool, driving cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.


The Clinic Business Opportunity Audit

Identify Key Opprtunities for Growth

It is important to know where you are in order to plan for the future. The Aesthetic Consultant® Clinic Business Opportunity Audit is designed to help you understand where you currently are, what you do best, what areas have room for improvement, and how best to plan for future expansion and/or success by identifying key opportunities to focus on.

This audit is done remotely through questionnaires and telephone calls and covers areas including patient demographic, treatment menu offerings, digital presence, the competition, areas of expertise and interests, strengths and weaknesses and more.  Opportunities unique to you will be identified and a comprehensive report sent across that will guide you and inspire you to take the next steps. This audit is the foundation on which to build your future success. 

Signature Services: Services

Signature Services


Sales & Motivational Training For Aesthetic Clinics

Dramatically Increase Sales & Grow Your Business

Supercharge Your Aesthetic Clinic with Expert Sales Training. 

Unlock the potential of your clinic with training by The Aesthetic Consultant®.  With a sales career spanning over 25 years, The Aesthetic Consultant understands what skills are needed to take a client from an enquiry through to a sale and beyond.  Select your solution from our tailored sales training packages, designed to elevate your clinic's success. 

1. Sales Training for Aesthetic Clinics (1 Day)

Empower your team with training on consultative selling skills in a clinical setting. Develop enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills, recognise buying signals, overcome objections, confidently talk price and demonstrate the true features and benefits of your treatments. Manage patient expectations and guide sales naturally and confidently in an ethical way. This package includes a consultation call, pre-training questionnaire, one-day in-clinic training, workbook, and post-training support.

2. Specialised Training: Overcoming Objections & Features & Benefits.

If you prefer a more focused session, select one of the shorter targeted sales training options which can be delivered in clinic or remotely. Each session is preceded by a pre-training questionnaire to identify needs and features interactive work  for your team. Sessions last up to 2 hours (Zoom) or 3 hours (in-clinic) and are followed by one month post-training support.

3.  1-2-1 Zoom Sales Training Call

For solo practitioners, a 90-minute Zoom session boosts confidence and develops ethical selling skills, with the training designed to meet your specific needs and strengthen any areas of weakness. This delivers real value in a short space of time. 

All sales training packages are focused around a soft-selling, ethical style and can be upgraded to include motivational training to energise your team for peak performance and customer service training to elevate the patient experience. 

You also have the option to request a fully tailored training solution which will be built to meet the needs of your business and your team. Reach out to discuss your options and how you can add motivational training, customer service skills and time management training to your package. 

Transform your clinic, boost team skills, and ensure long-term success with The Aesthetic Consultant®. Unlock your clinic's full potential today.


The VIP Patient Experience

Create A Luxury Patient Journey

Elevate Your Aesthetic Clinic with the Ultimate Luxury  Patient Experience. 

What truly sets your top-tier Aesthetics clinic apart is not just reputation or experience—it's the 'patient journey.' From their initial enquiry right through  to post-treatment follow-up, every step matters and should be enhanced.  To stand out in he minds of your patients you must continually deliver the highest level of service, ensuring  they feel valued and loyal.

At The Aesthetic Consultant®, we believe every patient should be treated like a VIP. Our expertise can transform your clinic, making each patient feel exceptional and ultimately boosting patient retention, average spend, and referrals.

Our Package Offers a Comprehensive Patient Journey Audit: We'll analyse every touchpoint to create a tailored action plan you can deliver in clinic for immediate results.  It also provides a framework for your Luxury Clinic Experience meaning you can implement procedures and protocols that leave a lasting impression.

Deliver the ultimate patient experience and watch your clinic flourish. Join us in making every patient feel like a 'million dollars' while achieving lasting success.

Signature Services: Services

Signature Services

Signature Services: Services

Key Opinion Leader, Media  & Speaker Development

Become An Industry Name

Becoming a Key Opinion Leader or Speaker isn't just a matter of experience, knowledge or success. You can have all the knowledge and scientific data to hand but if you cannot get the information across to others in an easily-understandable, entertaining way then you will never be called upon to present. You need charisma, a unique presenting style, the ability to hold the attention of a room and self-confidence.

Unlock Your Potential with Our Exclusive Training Program.

Our tailored training program empowers you to excel in presenting and speaking, setting you on a path to become a sought-after aesthetics expert on stage and with the media. Developed by The Aesthetic Consultant®️ Vanessa Bird and National Broadcast Journalist Chris Golds, this programme  equips you with the skills needed to captivate audiences and pitch yourself as a go-to industry authority.

Why Aesthetics-Specific Training Matters: Conference and Media Success: Gain the skills to meet conference organisers' and media producers' requirements, elevating your industry presence and increasing your chances of being selected as a KOL.  Personal and Career Growth: Boost your career and open doors to media opportunities as the go-to expert in your niche. 

How It Works: Remote Training Package (4 Sessions via Zoom): Lay the foundation for success with remote coaching, fine-tuning your skills and boosting confidence.  All training is customised so we begin with a detailed questionnaire to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and specific needs. We then tailor your training accordingly and provide a timetable for reference for each call. You will then receive four scheduled video calls which will work on various aspects of your presenter and media needs, building your confidence and developing a well-rounded aesthetics stage and media profile. Post every call, you will be provided with project work to complete at your own pace. After completion of this package, enjoy one month of support along with a professional  speaker and media bio. Should you wish you can also select  optional In-Person Training (London): Enhance your learning with two half-day sessions or one full day of training  dedicated to specific presentation and public speaking components. 

Achieve excellence in aesthetics presentation and media engagement with our personalised training program. Elevate your profile, career, and profile by unlocking your potential today.


Events To Grow Your Aesthetic Business

Whether you are preparing to launch a new device or product into the aesthetic market or want to raise the profile of your brand,  The Aesthetic Consultant® is here to help you plan & execute things successfully.

Perhaps you want to host a workshop or masterclass followed by a private dining experience, or a drinks reception for new & existing clients?  You may want to create buzz around a new product or device with a head-turning party or launch that generates PR and can be used to generate sales.  Maybe you own a clinic and want an open house clinic event  to promote and sell treatments? Whatever the size of your event, The Aesthetic Consultant® will assist with all stages of planning, from brainstorming your theme to source appropriate venues, providing catering options & developing an effective running order. This frees up time for you and your staff to do your day job whilst The Aesthetic Consultant® ensures each event runs smoothly, focuses on the right demographic, is well-attended and increases revenue for your business.

We have access to reduced rates for venue hire, catering and more so you can be confident you are getting the very best for your budget.  With over 13 years of events experience & multiple device and clinic launches executed, you are in safe hands. Visit the Event Management page for more information. A curated guest list of leading industry names is also available as an additional extra. 

Signature Services


ProConsult Aesthetic Advisory Package

Advice & Guidance As & When You Need It

Introducing a comprehensive support package that includes three focused Zoom calls spaced 3-6 weeks apart. Each call is strategically designed to provide valuable insights and advice across various aspects of your aesthetic business, including device selection, training, PR strategies, selling skills, treatment menu design and other pertinent topics. 

Prior to each scheduled call you will receive a questionnaire enabling us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives, both for your business and the call itself. During each session our collaborative efforts will revolve around meticulously planning and brainstorming the future trajectory of your aesthetic business and career. 

At the end of each call you will possess a defined set of actionable steps that provide you with clear direction moving forwards. Throughout each session you are encouraged to take notes, and following the call you will receive a detailed report that contains the actionable steps, associated timelines and any contact details of people or companies recommended to you. 

This tailored advisory Package ensures that you receive expert guidance over a period of time, practical advice and a concrete plan for your next steps. It is our commitment to equip you with the tools you need for success, allowing you to confidently make informed decisions and steer your business towards its goals. 

Signature Services Vanessa Bird

Services For Aesthetic Businesses

Do you want to host business or training workshops for your existing customer base but are too busy to do it properly? Do you want to provide specialist  business support webinars for your customers? Do you have an exciting new product or device ready to launch and need a head-turning event with a guest list of top aesthetic practitioners? Are you hoping to develop your brand from beauty into medical aesthetics and need help finding the right KOLs? Perhaps you are an established Brand but need articles ghost-writing for your website, brochures, PR or eShots?  When you suddenly find yourself short of time, staff or contacts then consider the Corporate Services Package. This is a pay-as-you-go service and is bespoke for your industry needs. Whatever your requirements, The Aesthetic Consultant® can help.

Get in touch to discuss your company requirements and visit The Corporate Services Page for further information. 


The Media Stylist

Media Training

 Media Training specifically designed for the Aesthetics Industry, The Aesthetic Consultant is working on partnership with national broadcast journalist Chris Golds to bring you The Media Stylist.  Learn how to identify and talk about your area of expertise. Build confidence speaking live on stage, on the radio or on TV.  Learn how to navigate tricky questions and get your message across positively and succinctly. This private training allows you to develop and build your media profile into one that professional networks reach out to. 


Zoom Consultation/Coaching

Achieve Your Goals With Bespoke Coaching

Book a one-to-one 60 or 90 minute video consultation to discuss your project or business and receive professional advice and guidance based on 15 years industry experience to help you build your business.  Two heads are better than one when it comes to making plans and an objective experienced consultant can help bring clarity and action to your plans. Popular topics include how to set up a clinic, how to source good staff, what skincare or treatments to offer, how to promote a clinic, how to sell more treatments, how to raise your industry profile and how to get selected as a KOL.  Following on from the consultation you will receive a follow up detailed  report to help you with your success.

Signature Services: Services
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