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Are You A 'No-Body' Clinic? 5 Easy Ways To Be Body Positive!

Do you offer body shaping treatments in clinic or do you find there 'isn't a demand for body'? Do you presume that body treatments are for London and the south and that the further up north you get, the less likely it is that patients will spend on body treatments? Maybe you think there is no demand for body treatments whatsoever and it's not worth the investment?

Here's the thing..... EVERYONE has a body, which means that every single person who walks though your door could benefit from effective body treatments. Not only that, if you offer body treatments in your area and nobody else does, then that means everyone who wants treatments comes to you and you have the edge. Once you have them, you can then up-sell to facial treatments too. So how can you ensure you benefit from introducing body treatments in your clinic?

1. Identify The Need & Invest Wisely.

Do a google search to find out the most-searched body shaping terms to see what it is that people are looking for. Is it cellulite or fat loss? Maybe it's skin tightening? Do your research, speak with existing patients and then start to shortlist the equipment that best meets these needs. If your budget is limited it may be better to buy a platform device that can offer more than one body shaping treatment so you can maximise revenue.

2. Plan The Launch & Build Interest.

Getting the new device should be an occasion. If you don't create excitement and buzz about the new treatment then don't be surprised if you get off to a slow start. Once the device is ordered ask the supplier for marketing materials and patient leaflets so you can start advertising it before it arrives. Schedule in a 15 minute slot during a staff meeting to discuss the new body treatment, the features and benefits and and how best to talk about it to patients. Now start communicating with your patients. Your staff should be excited about offering something new and effective to patients and they should also understand how it can tie in with their existing treatment plan too. Send out an EShot with a special 'limited time only' introductory offer to your database and schedule the launch.

3. Launch With Enthusiasm.

Invite your device rep to attend the launch and ask he or she to bring marketing materials and a presentation so you can educate the guests. Start booking patients in for the launch event and tempt them with Champagne, canapés, and special offers. Promote this to your database and encourage them to attend with promises of a Goody Bag and Introductory Offers. On the night keep everything interesting and encourage the guests to ask questions, look at the treatment being demonstrated and even for them to try it for a few minutes (depending on whether this is possible based on the type of treatment you're introducing). Offer a tempting package or discount if they sign up for treatment on the night and you can start filling your diary straight away.

4. Use Social Media.

Shout about your new treatment on social media. Start advertising it before it arrives and post plenty of Before & After photos. Put up an Insta Story educating people about the new treatment and give them the opportunity to ask questions. Don't forget those hashtags! Advertise the launch on your social media pages and even consider a special social media referral code with a special offer so you can track what is and isn't effective when advertising the treatment. Post the launch party photos. Do plenty of videos of treatments so people can see what it entails and add testimonials from happy patients. The buzz doesn't stop once the treatment is launched. Keep it going and you'll create more business.

5. Use your Staff as Before & After Models

As well as providing you with some excellent promotional material for the new body treatment, your staff will be more engaged with the technology if they have experienced great results themselves, and it will lead to, 'What have you had done? You look amazing!" Conversations with patients keen to know what their secret is. Results sell treatments and if you have your team walking around as living, breathing examples of what your new body treatment can do then you will sell more treatments and give confidence to patients considering the treatment themselves.

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