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Is there a place for luxury in aesthetics?

The answer may surprise you!

Vanessa recently wrote an article for Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, published September 2023 called, 'Exploring the luxury landscape in aesthetics'. It discussed whether there really is place for luxury in a medical aesthetic clinic, where patient safety takes priority.

Firstly it investigate the appeal of luxury and why it draws us in. Then it explored the effect that the current cost of living crisis is having on aesthetics and whether introducing luxury can help cling owners overcome this?

First page of a magazine article in the  September issue of Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, 'Exploring the luxury landscape in Aesthetics'.
September Practice Management Article 2023

Read the article to discover how you can achieve the right balance of medical and luxury to maximise patient retention and sales.

Page 2 of the article featuring an image of a clinic reception area in pale wood.
Page 2 of the article by Vanessa Bird.

Page 3 of the article and the image is of a clinic reception area. The desk and floor and walls are pale marble and there is a big window letting in a lot of light.
Page 3. "Luxury isn't an. unnecessary 'luxury'. It delivers measurable benefits to your business too."

A summary of whether luxury in aesthetics has a future. The article also shows a box with Key Points and some CPD Reflective questions to ask yourself having read the article.
Concluding page where it provides some Key Points for consideration and CPD reflective questions for the reader.


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