Why Asking For Testimonials Builds Your Business.

We all know that testimonials are important, but how often do you stop and ask your customers for one? Do you forget? Or perhaps hope that one day they will be so happy they spontaneously send one to you? A lot of aesthetic practitioners simply fail to ask their patients for testimonials and mostly this is down to forgetfulness. If you've never made it a priority to ask, you'll never remember to ask. Perhaps you don't feel comfortable asking someone for praise? Maybe you do

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Conference Fever. How To Avoid Conference Burn Out.

"Hey, are you attending the (delete as applicable) conference in (Jan-Dec)?" Is a conversation you will find yourself having multiple times over the year if you work in Aesthetics. Not only are there the 'big name' conferences such as Aesthetic Medicine Live, ACE, FACE and CCR, more and more smaller conferences are popping up left right and centre focusing on more specific topics. Hair, complications, beauty..... you name it, there's a conference for it and that's before

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