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The Aesthetic Consultant®️ attends ICAD Bangkok

The Aesthetic Consultant, Vanessa Bird, was invited to speak at The International Congress of dermatology in Bangkok, Thailand in November. Flying out from the UK, Vanessa spent a few days networking with industry colleagues before stepping on stage and presenting on Selling Skincare.

The congress programme
ICAD 2023

ICAD was a very positive experience, and the educational content was both intersting and informative. The organisers did a fantastic job of creating an engaging programme that appealed to everyone. The Aesthetic Consultant at ICAD Bangkok on stage (see below).

Vanessa on stage with a microphone educating the delegates on selling skills in aesthetics
Vanessa Bird speaking on stage at ICAD

It was announced that in 2024 ICAD would return as AMWC Bangkok, and this is a congress you cannot miss! Add it to your diary and make sure you attend as you will learn a lot and get to meet industry peers from around the world. Keep scrolling for more images. This is an aesthetic conference that will bring value to your business.

The morning congress programme which shows Vanessa Bird speaking on stage at 10.30am
Congress programme featuring Vanessa Bird

The Aesthetic Consultant highlights in Bangkok at ICAD included the Speakers Gala Dinner, exchanging details with clinics in Asia Pacific and meeting so many people. We also had opprtunities to network over dinner with fellow speakers including doctors and nurses. Below is an image of Dr Nisha Menon, Vanessa Bird and Irish nurse Claudia McGloin having dinner at the famous Sirocco restaurant in Bangkok Thailand.

Dr Nisha Menon, Vanessa Bird and Claudia McGloin having dinner at Sirocco
Networking dinner at Sirocco Bangkok


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