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Fancy Some Sales Tips?

I was interviewed by Authority Magazine about how to sell without seeming salesy. This is always a problem I come across when I meet with my clients. They believe selling is pushy and not what they should be doing. Guess what? Selling the right way is so beneficial to growing your business. People LOVE to buy things that make them feel good, make them look good and solve a problem. As aesthetic practitioners you have the ability to help them, and by using some sold-sales techniques, consulting with them and fully-understanding what they want and their areas of concern, you can sell the relevant treatments and products.

If you would like to read the full article please click here. Did you know that I offer video or in-person training for individuals and groups to teach you the key sales techniques so that your revenue rises and patient satisfaction increases. Please contact me following the page links or using the Contact Form to find out more. Let me help you make money.

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