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Get the best from attending aesthetic conferences. Here's a how-to article.

Do you invest in enough preparation to ensure your next aesthetic conference pays for itself in many ways? No? Then read on.

Vanessa Bird, The Aesthetic Consultant® recently wrote an article for the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing that outlined an effective way to pre-plan your next conference to ensure time is maximised and the positive effects are felt post-attendance. Check out the article by signing up for their magazine online.

Top Takeaways

  1. Planning is key! You need to know where you are staying, how you will get there and take advantage of any early bird savings on tickets, hotel and travel.

  2. Research the timetable and ensure you have the right mix of education, business, clinical and exhibition time.

  3. Don't forget to network! Make time for fun and connect with likeminded people. You never know where that might lead.

  4. Understand what it is your business needs in the next 6-12 months and have that in mind when planning how you will spend your time at the conference, What do you need to get from it and why?

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