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Selecting Your Next Device. Published in the June 2023 edition of the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing.

If you need some guidance on how to even begin to research your next device for your aesthetic practice, be sure to pick up the latest edition of Journal of Aesthetic Nurses. Vanessa Bird, The Aesthetic Consultant® has written a comprehensive guide to the steps you should take to ensure you maximise the time you have on the right tasks, research the right things and avoid the potential pitfalls.

Article published in the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing about how to select your next device  for your aesthetic clinic. Author Vanessa Bird The Aesthetic Consultant.
Selecting your next Device.

Investing in a new device can be very expensive and it's important to due your due dillegance. For anyone who is looking for help and support in buying one or more devices, please reach out to Vanessa via the contact page and ask for further information on the Equipment Selection Package.

This package is adaptable to suit your requirements and can include information gathering, research and device shortlisting, demo scheduling and even package and price negotiations. With an extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers and an in-depth proven knowledge of capital equipment in aesthetics, Vanessa is the go-to consultant to save you time, money and ensure you get the right technology for your budget, your demographic and your clinic.

Past clients of The Equipment Selection Package have saved £120,000, £85,600 and £315,000 on their investments that would have been possible to unlock without the help and support of Vanessa. Not only that, they were able to secure more valuable consumables packages, and secure Ambassador and/or KOL status too.


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