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In conversation with The Aesthetic Consultant, Vanessa Bird. My Surprising Backstory.

Ever wondered how Vanessa, The Aesthetic Consultant®️ came to work in aesthetics and start her business? You can now find out from the woman herself as she was recently interviewed for JANCast by the editor.

Vanessa covers her previous sales history, sharing engaging stories about her previous job that took her to Power Plans and Death Scenes, and how she managed to step into beauty before finding aesthetics. She also shares her insights into the aesthetic business

Download it on Apple Podcasts or follow this link.

Season 1, Episode 5 of JANcast.  There is a photo of Vanessa Bird  and a brief description of the content of the podcast, which is available to download now on Apple Podcasts.
In Conversation with The Aesthetic Consultant, Vanessa Bird. A podcast.

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