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"5 Things You Need To Know To Create A Highly Successful Private Practice."

Published this month, The Aesthetic Consultant®️ was interviewed by Luke Kervin, Co-Founder of Patient Pop, a practice growth technology platform, for Medium. The interview was designed to gather advice and guidance from industry experts to help their readers create a successful private practice.

We discussed how to start your own practice, and what the usual pitfalls could be when starting your journey. The Aesthetic Consultant®️ offered advice on how to get that work-life balance right, as well as encouraging aesthetic professionals to recognise that hiring an expert to work on the business side of their business is the fast-track way to success.

One of the snippets from the article was highlighted as Vanessa name-dropped the 'telepathic patients'.... those patients who know what you have to offer despite not hearing or reading about it anywhere *said with tongue firmly in cheek!*

To read the article in full please click on the link. Please feel free to share the article and tag The Aesthetic Consultant®️ and link this website back to you post.


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