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One call does it all.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Ar you looking to get into aesthetic medicine but don't know where to start? Perhaps you have some knowledge but need help sourcing information on devices, skincare and injectables? Maybe you need a recommendation on where to recruit good staff or how to find an effective PR? The Aesthetic Consultant®️ can help.

You can arrange a 90 minute video call with The Aesthetic Consultant®️ and discuss your ideas, plans and more in complete confidence, and in return receive experienced feedback, advice, guidance, referrals and more. The Aesthetic Consultant®️ will also act as a sounding board, pointing you in the right direction and objectively raising any issues as and when needed. This consultancy service is ideal if you want to avoid making expensive mistakes and can be scheduled as a one-off call or repeated over a period of time. , Following the call, you will receive a report on the conversation plus any advice given. To schedule your video call (or telephone call if you prefer), please email


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