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Essential Reading on Public Speaking Tips for KOLs succeeding in Aesthetics

April saw the publication of two articles by Business Consultant Vanessa Bird, both focused around developing Public Speaking skills to become a confident presenter in order to grow your professional profile. Each article covered different aspects of public speaking and how it can be used to develop an aesthetic profile and business. From key tips to help you submit enticing abstracts, to advice on design features, preparation and even calming nerves. Both articles provide invaulable content that will help medical practitioners in aesthetic medicine develop their speaking career and even gain Key Opinion Leader roles.

You can read the articles in the April 2024 edition of Aesthetics Journal and also in the April edition of the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing.

The Aesthetic Consultant Vanessa talks about career progression with public speaking
Aesthetics Journal, April 2024

Image of first page of an article in the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, April 2024 by The Aesthetic Consultant Vanessa Bird. The article provides guidance and tips on how to become a better public speaker in Aesthetic Medicine
Journal of Aesthetic Nursing

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