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Don't Be A Clown!

Sign up for a free business webinar on Wednesday 28th October at 6.30pm. The Aesthetic Consultant® will be presenting as part of the Wigmore Medical Training platform and discussing hard-sell and soft-sell in clinic.

Love it or hate it, selling is an integral part of being successful in aesthetics and without this skill you are greatly limiting how much money you can make whilst damaging the growth of your business. The longer you side-step the issue of selling and hide behind the idea that 'treatments and reputation sells it for you', the longer it will take you to pay off that new device you bought, expand the clinic, take on new staff or even treat yourself to a luxury holiday.

This webinar will address the fear you many have of coming across as a 'hard-sell' and explains why this isn't necessary. It will teach you the basics of buying signals, hot buttons and false objections as you uncover genuine needs. You can build rapport, identify hot buttons and determine your patient's true budget without going overboard.

To sign up for the webinar to watch live OR watch later on demand, click here to register.


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