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Vanessa Bird: What's Next?

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

After over a decade of success in Aesthetic Medicine and device sales, Vanessa has decided to use her experience and knowledge from working with the top-level Aesthetic professionals to create a very unique Consultancy Business. Welcome to The Aesthetic Consultant.

"Another Consultant?" We hear you say? Oh dear, you clearly speed-read the first paragraph. No, NOT another Consultant. Vanessa is specifically working with successful practitioners (doctors, surgeons, clinics, nurses, clinicians) who have already had success in their field but who have the drive and ambition to push further. In a nutshell, Vanessa, The Aesthetic Consultant works only with the very best of the best. You didn't get to the top by resting on your laurels. You didn't become one of the experts because you were happy sticking at a certain level without striving for more. It's OK to be focused, ambitious and a little bit ... how can we say this.... Egotistical? Self-absorbed? Vanessa has an insight into your world. She has worked with many big name doctors and clinics. She knows you demand a consistently-high level of service and measurable results. She anticipates your needs and delivers.

Vanessa will be announcing her first client shortly. If you would like more information on The Aesthetic Consultant please do get in touch. Please be aware that to ensure quality service for each client is maintained, places are limited so you may have to be placed on a Waiting List.

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