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The Aesthetic Consultant® & CAPSCO

The Aesthetic Consultant was invited to present a webinar on Sunday to CAPSCO, the Consortium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Owners . The topic was 'Devices In Your Clinic' and explored the benefits of introducing non-surgical aesthetic devices to a surgical practice.

Vanessa, The Aesthetic Consultant, talked about the benefits of non-surgical devices alongside surgical procedures as well as introducing them as a stand-alone option, before outlining what work needs to be done prior to shortlisting the technologies and arranging demos.

It's always a pleasure to share the knowledge of non-surgical devices with plastic surgeons. Surgery is the gold standard in aesthetics, however there is an important supportive role non-surgical devices can play in strengthening the business and also the results. The Aesthetic Consultant offers a 'wedding-planner' style service, The Business Analysis and Equipment Selection Package' which cuts through a lot of the time spent identifying areas of opportunity, researching technologies, investigating manufacturers and distributors, shortlisting devices, arranging demos and negotiating deals. This package is ideal for those wanting to avoid costly mistakes when choosing their next non-surgical device.

To watch the webinar follow this link.

To arrange a free consultation to discuss the features and benefits of The Business Analysis and Equipment Selection Package, please get in touch.

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